CHEMCUT Series Metal Cutting Fluids are used in metal machining for a variety of reasons such as improving tool life, reducing workpiece thermal deformation, improving surface finish and flushing away chips from the cutting zone. Practically all cutting fluids presently in use fall into one of four categories: Neat oils, Soluble oils, Semisynthetic fluids, and Synthetic fluids

CHEMCUT CS 01 ( Water Miscible Synthetic Cutting & Grinding Fluids )

CHEMCUT CS 01 is mineral oil free, water miscible synthetic coolant for metal cutting process, especially for internal and external grinding operations. It provide clean, rust protection, safe, pleasant working environment and operators acceptance. This product recommended for ID, OD, centreless, surface & blanchard grinding of steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast and nodular iron steel and aluminium.

CHEMCUT CS 02 ( Medium to Heavy Duty Synthetic Cutting Fluids )

CHEMCUT CS 02 is heavy duty water miscible cutting fluids, oil free, synthetic based machining fluids for steel and stainless steel alloys. This means that raw material were chosen for their resistance to biological degradation thereby controlling the growth of bacteria and fungus. It provides a clean, superior cooling & lubrication, rust protection, improved tool life, safe and pleasant working environment.  This product recommended for machining operation of steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, bronze, vanadium, cast iron, copper and aluminium .

CHEMCUT CS 81 ( Bio Stable Soluble Oil Coolant for General Machining )

CHEMCUT CS 81 is general purpose water soluble cutting fluids are compatible with process and machining fluids, such as machine tool lubricants, and enable tramp oil to be easily removed. This product provide a stable emulsion when mixed with water, helping to reduce premature tool wear and extend tool life. The range has been designed to lubricate and cool effectively, eliminate bacterial growth in the system, enhanced tool life, and even with coated tooling types.

CHEMCUT CS 100 ( Heavy Duty Semi-synthetic Cutting Fluids )

CHEMCUT CS 100 is heavy duty semi-synthetic coolant – machining fluids that contain 10% mineral oils. This product is highly versatile and able to delivers outstanding performance for wide range of machining operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is bio-stable i.e. the raw material are resistant to bio-degradation.

Advantage:  long sump life, long tool / grinding wheel life, built in rust protection, excellent cooling and lubrication, eliminate bacterial growth in the system.

CHEMCUT CS. 100 is recommended for machining operation of steel, alloy steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and stainless steel.

CHEMCUT CS 112 ( Neat Cutting Oils for Broaching, Tapping and Other Metal Cutting Process )

CHEMCUT CS 112 a low viscosity neat cutting oils specially recommended and designed for superior cutting and cooling of the work surfaces and cutting tools. This product manufactured from selected based oils and contains extreme pressure, good lubrication & fast penetration, excellent corrosion protection, enhanced tool life & good surface finishes, chlorine and active sulfur free EP additives, outstanding anti mist properties.
This product is specially designed for broaching, tapping, and for other metal cutting operations on extremely difficult to machine material.

CHEMCUT CS 113 ( Neat Cutting Oils for General Purpose )

CHEMCUT CS 113 is a light colored premium quality, low viscosity cutting oil that provides smooth, clean and accurate thread cutting on all metals. Sulfurized and chlorinated extreme pressure additives provide excellent lubrication in severe cutting applications such as tapping, broaching, sawing, and other difficult high-speed operations.

CHEMCUT CS 114 ( Heavy Duty Neat Oils Cutting Oils for Deep Hole Drilling, Hobbing, etc. )

CHEMCUT CS 114 is a heavy duty, light viscosity cutting oil with sulfurized and chlorinated extreme pressure additives. It is a high performance product for use in deep hole drilling, hobbing, heavy cutting, sawing, and other difficult operations on both ferrous and nonferrous materials.

CHEMCUT CS 65 ( Low Viscosity Cutting Oils for Honing Process )

CHEMCUT CS 65 is blended from low viscosity grades specially fortified with special additives with good lubricity & EP properties. They act as good flushing agent for an excellent surface finish and prolong honing stone life. It has an extra fluidity to ensure fast and through removal of any material which could cause stone glazing.
This product is suitable for honing operation and lapping operation on ferrous and non ferrous metals. It is also recommended for other operation such as turning, drilling and tapping of aluminum alloys.

CHEMCUT CS EDM FLUID ( Electric Discharge Machining Fluids )

CHEMCUT CS EDM FLUID is a high flash point, low viscosity, light colored, oxidation resistant product designed for use as an  electrical – discharge machining fluid. It is readily  filterIable, non-corrosive and dissipates heat rapidly. It increases life of electrodes, speeds up production and improves quality of surface finishes. Low viscosity of fluid allows metal fragments to settle out of oil before it recirculates.


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